Taiping, Perak

Last weekend, our family travelled down to Taiping (the hometown of my hubby) for the Cheng Beng festival last week. After the prayers, we had a slow and easy drive around the town as the traffic is rather heavy.

At end of Kota Road towards Lake Garden stands the magnificent Victorian styled building which houses the Larut Matang District Office.

Diagonally across the road is the Lian Thong Restaurant that sells the lime drink (kat jai sui). This drink is rarely found in Penang. It is definitely a welcome and refreshing drink on the hot day.

The lime is extremely sweet because it is soaked in sugar syrup for a period of time. Before drinking it is best to press the fruit so that the flavour gets into the drink.

We moved on to the Perak Museum located on Jalan Taming Sari – very near to the Taiping Prison. Again it is a Victorian style structure with numerous towers. The spacious surrounding is kept neat and clean.

Besides the museum stands the statue of Colonel Walker, the founder of the Perak States Guides.

Also nearby are well maintained telephone booth and electric lamp post. These products made in England are rarely seen nowadays.

The famous King Edward VII School located in Station Road is quite similar to Penang Free School, but in my opinion this building is better maintained. The school ground is dotted with huge angsana trees which gives you a rough idea  of how old is the school.

Another splendid landmark that captured my attention is Regiment Rangers Mess (clubhouse). I just love the Victorian architectural. What’s more it is situated facing an open field which makes one feel like you are somewhere in an European countryside.

Then there is the famous Old Clock Tower in the middle of the town. The place could do with a new coat of fresh paint and I don’t see why no one notices the plant sprouting  from the wall. It’s a shame as this is the tourist information centre and a prominent landmark.