Zhonghua Restaurant, Penang

Zhonghua Restaurant is located at One-Stop Midlands along Burma Road in Penang. It is on the first floor of the building, just right beside Berjaya Hotel. At the time of the dinner (last Saturday), the restaurant is offering a 50% promotion for its Peking Duck dish. This definitely is a bonus to those that loves this cuisine.


The dishes for the night were of course the Peking Duck, Black Pepper Duck, Mixed Vegetables and Spareribs.





The naked Peking duck with its crispy skin was sliced in front of us. It makes up a plate in which everyone of us gets a few pieces each.


The plate of crispy duck skin was served with a basket of pancakes, spring onions, cucumbers, carrot sticks and hoisin sauce. A bit oily but goes well with the pancake. This time around, we requested for the remaining duck to be fried with black pepper, a different way as compared to our previous Peking duck dish at Midland Court Restaurant.


This is the succulent Chinese Pork Spareribs, marinated tastefully with mouthwatering flavor.  We were given a set of fork and knife to cut up the meaty rib which is very tender (just like dining in a western restaurant). Every one of us loves it.



Zhonghua Restaurant is an excellent dinning place for delicious food especially the Peking duck and Spareribs. The dinner cost around RM140. As most of you would know, there is also a restaurant in Cititel Hotel that goes with the similar name. I am not sure about their ties however these two restaurants serve slightly different cuisines respectively as mentioned in my older post.