Salted Chicken at Pulau Tikus, Penang

*** The outlet has closed.

If you are in Pulau Tikus area, you are most likely to see this signboard by the roadside of the bustling Burma Road. It is indicating the newly opened stall selling salted chicken (yim gouk kai).

This stall is the branch out from its outlet in Joo Leong Cafe in Bayan Lepas (famous for its toast bread and half-boiled eggs). The chicken is wrapped in “parchment paper” and baked in two woks filled with heated coarse salt.

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A bird cost RM22 whereas half of it goes for RM11. The chicken is quite a small size, considering it as the ‘kampung breed’ and has less fats compared to the normal chicken. The flesh of the chicken is very tender and tasty. The combination of salt and Chinese herb of  Dong Guai gives the meat a unique flavourable aroma and it goes well with rice.



Side dishes come in varieties of blanch vegetables – lettuce and bean sprout ranging from RM4 to RM6. The vegetable is sprinkled with some tiny anchovies. They do serve stew chicken leg but unfortunately, it was sold out for that night.



For take-away, it is better that you give the proprietor, Mr. Liew a call to order before you drop in to collect it. Delivery services can be arranged too; a little chat with Mr Liew revealed that he delivers to many locations around town.