Penang Hawker Food @ 127 Burma Road Food Court

Updated on October 2010 : The restaurant has stopped operation.

We recently went to a newly opened food court in Burma Road. The 127 Food Court which offers many different kind of Penang hawker food is conveniently located with its front facing Burma Road and its side behind Jemput Tree and Isaribi Japanese Restaurant. It has a relaxing, airy and clean outdoor environment.


With so many stalls around, we had some time choosing the food. A small talk with the coffee seller got me into ordering a few items including this Arab Fried Rice. Indeed a good recommendation of this flavorful and spicy rice fried with chili padi and curry leaves.

Arab Fried Rice – RM3.50

We ordered a few bowls of noodle. The first was the prawn based soup of Hokkien Mee with additional add-on ingredients.


A plate of Char Koay Teow with the usual ingredients of bean sprouts, cockles, egg, Chinese sausages and prawns. The owner fried each order individually and it is not too oily.

Char Koay Teow – RM3.50

This Thai Fried Noodle has plenty of ingredients and fried in a very rich aromatic and spicy Thai sauce with added fresh mint leaves.

Thai Fried Noodles – RM5.00

Sang Mee or known as crispy noodle is topped with seafood, meat and vegetable. The texture of the noodle become soft yet retains its firmness when soaked in the eggy sauce.

Sang Mee – RM4.00

This Emperor Noodle is a type of rice noodle that is finer in texture. The noodle is fried to taste, served garnished with seafood and accompanying sambal. This dish is not commonly found in food court.

Emperor Noodles (Wong Tai Mee) – RM3.50

The skewers of tender and succulent meat were served with a mild piquant peanut sauce and it also tasted good just taken on its own. Besides the usual raw onions and cucumber, square pieces of white bread are given too but I would prefer if they give the thick Benggali white bread instead.

Chicken & Pork – RM0.50
Pork Intestines & Lamb & Malat (spicy) – RM0.70
Black Pepper – RM1.00

Many choices of meat

Pork Intestines

This ‘Majestic’ rojak stall actually is another branch out from their existing stall in Swatow Lane. This sweet and savory fruit salad is mixed with smooth prawn paste and topped with belacan powder and finely grounded peanuts.


Overall the prices in this food court are quite reasonable with drinks of hot and cold kopi-o @RM0.80 and RM1.00 respectively. Free Wi-Fi and entertainment programs shown on large projector screen are also provided. It is  open from morning till 1am and extended to 2am on Friday and Saturday with different stalls operating at different time. There are ample parking space at the back compound. Click here for the Map Location.


127 Food Court
Burma Road

GPS Coordinates : N05 2528.5   E100 1912.4