Penang Hokkien Restaurant – Ang Hoay Loh

One of our Saturday lunch was held at Ang Hoay Loh, located at the corner garden space of the State Chinese (Penang) Association on Perak Road. This restaurant is an icon for some of Penang’s most authentic cuisines.

I was recommended to try out their specialty Hokkien dishes by my reader, Sky in my earlier post of Sin Lean Heang (another Hokkien restaurant located in Goh Tiau Lor).



First on the menu was the fried oyster mee which includes pork, prawns and vegetables. The yellow mee is fried with some gravy and it is tasty with sweetness from the plentiful ingredients. Just leave the mee to sit for a while to soak up the gravy and you will get a plate of heavenly tasty noodle.



Next came the Fried Tang Hoon, topped with prawns and sotong rings. This noodle is fried with much wok hei, very flavorful taken with the accompanying spicy sambal. You could just see the beautiful QQ strands of Tang Hoon.



Next was their signature dish, Bak Kee Soup – pieces of meat that are deep fried after being coated with cornstarch and cooked in a starchy soup with cabbage. I would definitely recommend this dish, as it is very much worth a try. Flavorful indeed and the meat is tender as well.



Last but not least, some vegetables to round up our meal. We had the Tau Kua stir-fried with big size prawns and leeks (suan nah). What made this dish special was the tau kua, it was made with five-spice powder, lending extra taste to the dish!




There are also plenty of other dishes to choose from the menu. Among them, are the Oh Chien (oyster omelet), Steamed Fish and Prawn Fritters. Prices have remained reasonable throughout the decades, making this place a regular for my family. The total cost of the meal was RM36.90 (inclusive of drinks).

Look out for this restaurant which is located right across the Army Camp. Click here for the Map Location.

Ang Hoay Loh
State Chinese (PG) Association
13 Jalan Perak
10150 Penang

Business Hours : 12pm – 6pm

Closed on Wednesday

GPS Coordinates : N05 25.406   E100 19.036