Kozue Japanese Restaurant, Gurney Plaza Penang

*** Update:  Kozue has closed

Since Kozue’s opening in Penang Gurney Plaza in December last year, business in this modern and chic restaurant has been good; and has since developed a solid group of regular customers. My family have been to Kozue’s several times and have tasted many of its innovative fusion dishes which can be seen in my previous post.


This time around, we went for some other different dishes that were recommended by their Manager, Miss Ivy. The meal started with the serving of Japanese favorite drink, green tea followed by the first dish, Ebi Nama Harumaki @RM22. This Japanese style rolls were filled with prawns, white radish, carrot and lettuce. Each roll was cut into half’s and served on the plate beautifully decorated with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise sauce, prawn roe and yellowish crumbs of tempura flakes.



I have tried many yam dishes but this the first time tasting Unagi Manjyu @RM28. This is a home-style dish of yam cake stuffed with eel. The fried yam cake is soft and creamy on the inside and stuffed with unagi which gives it a nice flavor; a real good combination. Strips of mushrooms, carrot and black mushroom made a perfect garnish to this dish.


I just love the Motsunikonn @RM15 which is another home cooking style dish of braised pig stomach. The ingredient together with carrot and radish were slow cooked for almost 6 hours in an aromatic sauce made from fresh grounded sesame seed. The tender yet chewy slices of the pig stomach were just excellent to go with rice. Try this dish to taste the difference of Japanese method of braising compare to our Chinese way.


There are numerous ways of preparing Tofu and Kozue did a great Agedashi Tofu @RM5 (4pcs). The deep fried hot tofu is served in a savory Japanese soy sauce mixture and garnished with chopped spring onions and bonito flakes. This dish also happens to be a favorite dish for my blogger friend, Sarah Lim.


Flavorful soy sauce add an interesting taste to the dish

If you feel like having a special and yet simple dish, do try out the Ume Chazuke @RM8. The rice comes in a bowl with strips of seaweed and Japanese plum (suen mui) with a dash of wasabi. Miss Ivy personally did the pouring of the piping hot green tea to cover the rice and mixing everything together with a bit of wasabi. It is slightly sourish in taste. The simplicity of this light dish is just great and believe me, it’s good to the last grain.



The other rice dish is the Mentaiko Fried Rice @RM26.  This flavorful Mentaiko Fried Rice should not be missed out. The rice is fried with egg and cod roe which is very aromatic and incredibly delicious, definitely can’t get enough of it…One more please!


Desserts are wonderful to have at the end of each meal, even in a Japanese restaurant. The desserts we had included two equally tempting Ice Cream. For green tea lovers, the Macha Ice Cream @RM6 comes with toppings of soft red beans and the Kuro Goma Ice Cream topped with some black sesame seed toppings @RM7. My favorite choice between the two was the Kuro Goma which has a nice nutty flavor.

Kuro Goma – Sesame Ice Cream

We truly enjoyed dinning at Kozue which also offers great home-style dishes besides the Japanese favorites.


Do check out their interesting menu and also set lunch ranging from RM15 to RM25. There is also a surprise menu consisting of 5-6 dishes (changes weekly) whereby you will find something new to eat besides those in the standard menu. You could just simply refer to Miss Ivy for more information, or any customize orders/request especially for you.


Kozue Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Gurney
10250 Penang

Tel    04 2269336

Business Hours : 11.30am – 10.30pm (Last order at 9.30pm)