Penang Food – Hainan Chicken Rice Thai Style in Lam Hong

Chicken rice is comfort food to many and it can be found in most hawker stalls and food courts around Penang. For those who wish to try Thai-style chicken rice, do look out for Lam Hong Hainan Chicken Rice (Thai-style) stall.

The stall is located in a corner coffee shop on Penang Road, directly opposite KOMTAR Tower and few shops away from Kek Seng which is famous for its durian ice cream and ice kacang.


Offerings are quite similar to other chicken rice stalls, with choices of white and roast chicken. My plate with a mixture of both is served with sliced cucumber and garnished with chopped spring onions, with a drizzle of black soy sauce mixture and oil. It is accompanied by a complimentary bowl of clear chicken soup.


I prefer to have the chicken meat served separately from the rice

The difference of this chicken rice lies in its special flavored rice, just plain delicious. Herbs and spices are added into the rice adding fresh flavors to it. It tasted good even eaten on its own.

Another item worth mentioning is their exceptional condiment – chili sauce. Customers often raved about it as the taste is totally different compared to others. The slightly brownish green spicy chilli sauce is made up of a good amount of coarsely chopped ginger, garlic, green chilies, vinegar and some taucheong (fermented brown beans). Wonder if the chili sauce is truly a Thai version for chicken rice or is it the owner’s secret recipe?

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There are several side dishes such as lobak and lap cheong (Chinese sausage). The fragrant lap cheong with hint of Chinese wine makes an excellent addition to the meal.


Do head over to this place if you feel like having chicken rice with flavorful rice, special chili sauce and Chinese sausage. Overall, between the two types of chicken meat, the white one is more tender while the roast chicken is a bit drier and tougher. Still this is a good alternative if you want to have a different version of chicken rice. Click here for the Map Location. The frontage of the shop is facing KOMTAR Tower with its side on Lorong Bertam which leads out to Macalister Lane.

Lam Hong
Thai Chicken Rice
Penang Road

Closed on Sunday

Business Hour : Lunch till early evening

GPS Coordinates : N05 2455.1   E100 1945.2