Miraku Japanese Restaurant, G-Hotel Penang

Miraku Japanese Restaurant is the first fine dining Japanese eatery in Penang under the Texchem Group of Companies since they successful introduced its Sushi King fast food outlets. This restaurant is on the 1st  floor of the G Hotel located in the promenade of Gurney Drive.


Tea cup which holds some moral teaching in life

This is my first time stepping inside Miraku at the invitation by their Deputy Managing Director Mr Akihiko Hijioka. I was delighted with the privilege to dine with him. I was easily captivated by his hospitality and had a great time talking with him. We sat right next to the open kitchen which was headed by Executive Chef Masaki Kurihara and Executive Chef Takahiro Kinoshita.


It was enjoyable to watch the chefs in action, as they prepared some fabulous cuisine for the night. The food in Miraku is always fresh as the imported ingredients from Tokyo arrives twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.


As we settled down, green tea was served followed by a colorful bowl of appetizer. All the food in Miraku is presented in beautiful dinnerware which were tastefully selected.


The Dragon Roll with a king size prawn was beautifully layered with slices of avocado and topped with mayonnaise and roes. The avocado’s creaminess went very well with the delicate prawn flavors.


Attractively decorated


We got to savor the Tempura Prawns, which were lightly battered. Besides the usual tempura dipping sauce, I was recommended to dip the springy texture prawns with some seafood dipping salt. The salt indeed enhances the taste of the prawns. This type of salt is very different compared to the ordinary table salt, and is only suitable to be used as a dip especially for seafood cuisines. Amazingly this crystallized salt is collected from the drying process of the seaweed.



Wagyu beef has always been a delicacy. The outer layer were cooked to a charcoal brown color with a delightful aroma. The tender soft and juicy meat was infused with the soy sauce which complimented it so well…heavenly!




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