Foong Wei Restaurant, Penang

Penangites often patronised Foong Wei Restaurant in Jalan Sri Bahari, Penang for its delicious food and good service. This restaurant is located diagonally across The Ship (that serves Western Food) and on the same row as Kheng Pin cafe (famous for its lobak). It has been around for many years, and has since expanded its business from one shoplot to two.

We had their speciality dish of deep-fried pork leg. The big plate of pork leg comes with small fried man tou and cucumber pickles. The skin is very crispy and the meat very tender. The fatty side of the meat is best eaten with the sourish pickles.

Steamed kampung chicken with Chinese wine. The chicken meat has the pungent smell of the wine and best of all, the gravy goes well with a bowl of hot rice. We also ordered a plate of stir fry Hong Kong choy sum. I personally feel that they added too much minced garlic to it.

Braised tau foo with mushroom.

The taste of the food? The photo shows that my son and myself are very happy with our meal. We ended it with a dessert of hot soya bean milk with ginkgo nuts.

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