Penang Hawker Food – Window Sherbet (Ais Tingkap)

In Penang, many would gave themselves the ice kacang, chendol and coconut jelly treatment.

Lately, I got to know from Ken of Foodpoi of an interesting sherbet drink that is not so well known to the public. The chilled drink is also known as ‘Ais Tingkap’ or ‘Window Sherbet’ (sold over the window).

The sweet red color flavored (rose syrup) drink is served in a chilled glass with fine shaved ice and pieces of coconut flesh.


Preparation of Ais Tingkap

First, the chilled glass is filled with finely shaved ice and white sugar syrup. The shaved ice causes the drink to have a frosted effect on the glass.



Then a spoonful of getah anggur (olibanum gum resin from tree bark),  biji selasih (basil seeds) and rose essence is added on.





It is then topped up with pieces of coconut flesh and coconut water. The final ingredients of fragrant herbs and root mixture are added by using a spray.




The mixture is then vigorously ‘stirred but not shaken’. The result is a cool refreshing glass of Ais Tingkap serve over the ‘window’.



This drink is created in the late 1920’s with twenty-five different herbs and ingredients. However, over the years, the drink has undergone some changes and prepared with only a few ingredients.

This glass of Ais Tingkap which cost RM1.50 is a nice complement to all the snacks that are sold around the area. Click here for the Map Location. This hawker stall located on Tamil Street/Penang Road (beside Chowrasta Market) is closed on Sunday.


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