Lobster Village Seafood Restaurant @ Pantai Bersih

We took an evening drive across the Penang Bridge for food as it has been a while since we had our last mainland makan outing at Cai Xiang Seafood Restaurant. We headed for Pantai Bersih in Bagan Ajam along the Butterworth Outer Ring Road for a seafood dinner.

Lobster Village Seafood Restaurant was the ideal choice as it was recommended to us by a friend who regularly patronize this place. We had the panggang crabs to begin with. The simplicity of “panggang”-ing the fresh crabs; brings out the sweetness and the fragrance.


Flower Crabs with firm flesh

We saw the popular cockles (see hum) and could not resist ordering it. This good stuff is known as one of the cheapest seafood around and this plate cost RM8.

Cockles (See Hum)

The Guinness Chicken is well marinated, very tasty however I personally find it a bit tough, perhaps the piece of breast meat that I was eating.



We also ordered the Mantis Prawn which comes in two different sizes; at RM14 for a small one and RM28 for the larger ones. We had it fried with salted egg yolk. The egg yolk is fried until it turns to a sandy texture and it was a pleasure licking and chewing on the prawn.


Two Mantis Prawn fried with Salted Egg Yolk @RM28 each

Steam Stingray in Thai Style…This dish comes in a generous big portion. The gravy is very appetizing and addictive, slightly sour and spicy taste with pieces of cucumber and pineapple and garnished with mint leaves.


Fried Tua Pan is actually fried Hor Fun. This plate of Tua Pan is fried till dry and very tasty taken with the superb sambal. Overall, the dinner cost RM144 with the order of all the dishes plus tea.


Sitting outdoor is more fun as you get to enjoy the breathtaking view of Penang island with wonderful sea breeze. We noticed that there were two more restaurants beside with many customers as well. We will be going back to this area for more great food. Click here for the Map Location. It’s the first restaurant when you enter the dirt road.


Lobster Village Seafood Restaurant
Bagan Ajam Pantai Bersih

Tel : 016 4322833 & 016 5920229

GPS Coordinates : N05 2626.7   E100 2243.3

Around the vicinity, you could find Ah Keat Seafood as well.