Penang Korean Restaurant – Sa Rang Chae at New Bob Center, Gottlieb Road

Modeum BBQ Set 1 RM150 – The platter came with a mixture of beef ribs, pork ribs, pork belly, flower crab, prawns, clams and squid. The well marinated ingredients are grilled at the table and served with nine banchan (side dishes) and fresh sesame leaves for wrapping. Some restaurants even grow their own sesame leaves.

BBQ at Sa Rang Chae by

BBQ platter!

BBQ at Sa Rang Chae by

Sesame leaves as wrappers

BBQ at Sa Rang Chae by

BBQ at Sa Rang Chae by

Dakgalbi RM50 – Spicy Grilled Chicken is a dish loaded with pieces of chicken, cabbage, chives, carrot, onions and also sliced chili cooked in a sweet and mild flavorful chili sauce.

Dakgalbi - Spicy Grilled Chicken at Sa Rang Chae by

Agwijjim – Spicy Angler Fish with Bean Sprouts. This seawater Angler fish is imported from Korea. This delicacy is braised in a spicy sauce with lots of herbs, spices and crunchy soybean sprouts. Available sizes of S – RM60 and L – RM80

Agwijjim - Spicy Angler Fish with Soybean Sprouts at Sa Rang Chae by

Japchae RM30 – The slightly chewy glass noodles are stir fried in a savory sauce with shredded meat, prawns, red and green pepper threads, and served garnished with yellow egg strips and sesame seeds.

Japchae at Sa Rang Chae by


The last dish is the Ojingeo Samgyeopsal Bokkeum RM30 – This plate of stir fried squid and pork belly comes with onion and cabbage in a mildly spicy sauce. The squid is tender with a slight crunch and served with sesame seeds and spring onions. Excellent snack to chew on!

Sa Rang Chae - stir fried squid & pork belly by

Madam Lim introduced the food items to us that evening, the menu in Korean and English makes ordering much easier!

Sa Rang Chae , Korean Restaurant by

All of us enjoyed a good amount of food in various interesting flavor at Sa Rang Chae, some were slightly spicy, some with bearable heat. I would like to thank both Mr Kim and Madam Lim for accommodating the group of us which included NKOTB, Lingzie, PTP, Criz, Steven Goh, Albert and Jonny.

Sa Rang Chae , Korean Restaurant by

Mr Kevin Kim and his wife Madam Lim


Do check out their on-going BBQ promotion with a 20% discount till the end of the year. Click here for the Map Location. It is located diagonally opposite the Penang Chinese Girl’s High School and walking distance to the popular Assam Laksa in Taman Emas coffee shop.

Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant
11-G-1 & 2
Jalan Gottlieb
New Bob Center

Tel : 04 2263587 & 012 4686700

Business Hours : 12noon – 3pm &  6pm – 10.30pm

Non – Halal

Closed on Monday –  Lunch

GPS Coordinates : 5.432084, 100.301914