Malay Rice – Opposite Penang Floating Mosque

Head over to a ‘food court’ located directly opposite the Penang Floating Mosque in Tanjung Bunga which serves delicious typical Malay dishes. The two food stalls here are attracting customers far and near with their many varieties of dishes.

The place is usually crowded with people during lunch hour but Lidiana seems to be the more popular stall. Food are replenished once they are sold off…so it is always fresh and warm.
Stingray cooked in the very appetizing sourish and spicy sauce.

The spicy sambal with belacan goes well with fried chicken and fresh ulam.

Our favourite – fried cincaru fish stuffed with onions and chillis. Each of us had one of it on our plate of rice.

Location of this food court can be easily seen at – Do take a drive up here for lunch and at the same time, visit the magnificent Floating Mosque ….. here’s a night image of the mosque and its surrounding taken by hubby from Ratu Mutiara apartment.

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