Peking Arp @ Midlands Court Restaurant, Penang

The Midlands Court Restaurant located in One Stop Midlands is one of the popular Chinese restaurant in Penang. Having dinner especially on a weekend can be quite difficult since it is a popular venue for wedding dinners.The menu did not changed much since our last visit and still offers a wide variety of dishes. We were recommended the Peking Duck and since it is quite rare that we eat it (especially for lunch), we all agreed.

Pieces of thin crispy skin is cut off from the duck and served on top of freshly deep fried prawn cracker. The skin is laid on a thin Chinese pancake, garnished with carrot and cumber sticks and a dash of hoisin sauce.

We requested for the left over duck meat to be served as a dish itself. The pieces of meat are tender and tasted great with the cucumber pickles.

Another dish is the fried rice prepared with eggs, french beans and prawns. A sprinkle of small fish enhances the taste of the dish.

Por choy soup served with Chinese ham is the choice for the vegetable dish.

This restaurant is pretty quiet during lunch hour with only a few tables being occupied. We get very attentive service. The restaurant is well kept and clean but I won’t say so for its exterior surroundings (the complex itself is not well maintained).

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