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The first Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop in Southeast Asia had its soft opening on the 5th floor of Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang on 9th February 2015. The restaurant originated from Hong Kong has a total of nine outlets, with one awarded with one Michelin star for seven consecutive years.

The a la carte menu offers Cantonese cuisine with a mix of congee, wantun mee combined with barbecue meat and an enormous selection of dim sum.

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Doing my marketing in the Pulau Tikus wet market gives me the opportunity to try the many hawker food from the surrounding food stalls. One of the popular noodle stall is the wantan mee stall at Swee Kong coffee shop, located on Burma Road (opposite the Pulau Tikus Police Station).

The neighbourhood wantan mee stall has been serving dry version wantan mee in soy sauce, pork lard and signature “lor” starchy gravy for the breakfast and lunch crowd.

Wantan Mee House, Pulau Tikus Penang by

Dry wantan mee with deep-fried wantan

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Hawker food features prominently in the culinary culture in the state of Penang. Across the industry there are always places that constantly make headlines while others tend to be excellent but underrated, and the New Cathay Coffee Shop is classified as the latter.

Located along Lorong Kuching right off the ever bustling Burmah Road, this coffee shop is one of the decent places to sample a plethora of Penang’s street hawker fare. A favorite mostly with the locals, it begins to fill up as early as 7.30 in the morning and is absolutely packed during the peak hours of ten in the morning right through two in the afternoon.

For those opting for a lighter snack, the apom manis (Indian style pan cake) stall right beside the shop is an excellent alternative. Interestingly, the owner still maintains the tradition of using charcoal stoves and clay pots.

Hawker Food at Cathay Coffee Shop, Pulau Tikus by

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 15th June 2011.

Chulia Street in Penang is not only known for its many budget hotels but also for inexpensive meals. It’s a popular dining destination with locals and tourists alike. At night, a section of the road is lined with stalls selling a good mix of street food. Do not make your choice immediately. Take your time and have a closer look at what’s on offer.

Worthy of mention are curry mee and wantan noodles. Springy wantan noodles are served with slices of char xiu (barbecued pork) and wantan (dumplings). For the curry mee, medium-sized fish ball is added to the standard ingredients of coconut milk, cockles, blood jelly, cuttlefish and tau pok (fried tofu). The slightly sweet coconut milk is flavoured with a blend of aromatic spices. Expect a queue as the curry mee is popular.

Chulia Street Hawker Food by CK Lam  of

Chulia Street curry mee

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Breakfast on a Sunday morning was Wantan Mee at Chee Meng Cafe located in Jalan Dato Koyah. This stall, which was previously located in Tai Wah Cafe in Jalan Argyll, has it’s regular customers coming back for more of  the noodles in this new location.

Wantan Mee @Chee Meng Cafe in Jalan Datuk Koyah by

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Wanton Mee & Dumpling at Peace & Joy coffee shop by

Wanton Mee with many toppings

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