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See Kong Ooi Restaurant in Transfer Road Penang which specializes in Hainanese and Hokkien chu char dishes is fondly refer as Sai Kong Huin by most of the Penangites Hokkien. It has been around for several decades now, and is still going strong until today!

This post is a collection of my trips to this restaurant, so don’t be shocked by the amount of food! I’ve made the trip there several times with my family and food bloggers BBO, Lingzie, Ken and NKOTB.

See Kong Ooi

First time visiting a “KEDAI MAKAN”!

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Another outlet for authentic Hokkien dishes in Penang is in an old shophouse on the ground floor of the Macallum flats. Restaurant Hock Chuan Heong is not visible from the main road but still walkable distance to the main road, whereby you will find Hock Seng Rojak, my favorite rojak stall.

Hock Chuan Heong is one of the places with good Hokkien dishes that come with reasonable prices. As expected, the place was crowded as it was lunch hour. The choices of dishes are very limited as they concentrate on their few specialties, just like what you will find in Ang Hoay Loh and Sin Lean Heang. The first dish was the aromatic and tasty Oh Chien (fried oyster omelette) with its starchy texture.


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A Saturday lunch was at Ang Hoay Loh which occupied the corner garden space of the State Chinese (Penang) Association in Perak Road. This restaurant is an icon for some of Penang’s most authentic cuisines. I was  recommended to try out their specialty Hokkien dishes by my reader, Sky in my earlier post at Sin Lean Heang (another Hokkien restaurant) located in Goh Tiau Lor.


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***The restaurant has since closed down.

Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant is located right at the centre of Georgetown. It is just opposite Yap Temple; sitting at the junction of Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling/Armenien Street.

This place has been around for quite a number of years but surprisingly not many bloggers have reviewed about it. The minute you step into this place, you will feel like you are back in the old Chinese houses where grandma used to stay in. The place is big and spacious with high ceilings and timber flooring for the upper floor. Chinese lanterns and kerosene lamps hang from the ceiling decorating its entrance.

There are many dishes offered in the menu with appetisers, noodles, seafood, meat and vegetables. A list of their signature dishes is posted up on the wall.

We were introduced to their poh piah which is done with a little twist. The difference lies in its ingredients and it is a dry version. It uses many colourful types of vegetables, meat and other ingredients. All these are wrapped up firmly with a piece of seaweed and the poh piah skin. The combination of its ingredients gives a very good flavour. Each roll is cut into two pieces which is quite a big portion. This dish makes a delightful light lunch even by itself.

Taukua fried with suan na (leeks) and prawns….they uses beancurd with five spice powder.

Mee suah cooked with chicken pieces in a rich soup with slices of salted vegetable (kiam chye)….. the taste is good but would be much better if they didn’t add in the sesame oil.

The unusual stir fried potato starch sheet. This is our first time having it and it turns out to be good. The noodles are fried in black sauce with generous amount of ingredients.

Ak Or – pieces of duck and yam simmered until soft and served in a claypot. The gravy has all the flavours of the yam.

Fried oh chien…. the oysters were big and fresh.

After the meal, we were given a complementary plate of dessert – tee nya kuih. This soft and smooth kuih is taken with palm sugar syrup. We frequently buy this from a roadside stall in Swatow Lane which sells the yellow and green version. I wonder if the stall is still around since most of them have shifted into the New World Park.

We were happy with the meal which cost a mere RM 62.00 and the clean environment of this old building. There are so many more dishes that we haven’t try out and we are sure of coming back again.

There are only a few restaurants serving Hokkien dishes in Penang and one of the place is Sin Lean Heang located in Goh Tiau Lor (5th Street) – near McCallum flats . This place have been around for a long time. It was fully packed with customers at lunch time and we waited almost an hour for our food.
We had the recommended dishes like bak kee th’ng, stir fried tau kua with leeks and big size prawns, fried oyster noodle (char oh mee), fried beehoon and oyster omelette (oh chien).

The first dish was the Bak Kee Soup – meatballs that are dip fried coated with cornstarch and cooked in a starchy soup with cabbage. The meat is very smooth.

Fried beehoon and oyster mee…. with plentiful ingredients.

Big plate of fried oh chien..

Kailan stir fried with salted fish (kiam hu)…very tasty.

Five Spice Tau Kua stir fried with big size prawns and leeks (suan nah).

This very satisfying lunch with chinese tea cost RM95.00. Will definitely come back again for another bite in the near future!

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