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Yi BIn is a double-storey shop house located on Hutton Lane, Penang. This old tea house operated by Mr E.G. Lai since 2007, sells a range of Chinese tea leaves and pottery besides serving  home-cooked Nyonya and local Chinese style cuisines.

Yi Bin - The Mansion of Tea Art in Penang by

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Northern Streets) on 9th May 2011.

Penang is dotted with many restaurants, with some hidden unnoticed even though we often pass by it. One such place is Chin Bee Tea Restaurant. Located on Noordin Street, or commonly known as ‘Ji Tiau Lor’ among the Hokkiens here, this tea house is unique in its own way. This place is not all only about serving Chinese tea, but also serves appealing Chinese dishes.

One of their best dishes offered here is the Hainan Kampung Chicken. Dosed in the chef’s concoction of light soy sauce and oil, the chicken is tender and juicy. The condiment of fresh and fragrant chilli sauce blend with garlic and ginger is a must-have. I highly enjoyed the chicken with its natural sweetness flavor.

Chin Bee Tea Restaurant – Good Food and Chinese Tea by

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