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Located at Cintra Street in downtown Penang is De Tai Tong Cafe. This corner coffeeshop is a favorite food venue for it offers an extensive variety of dim sum and dozens of rice and noodle dishes.

Dim Sum at De Tai Tong on Cintra Street, Penang by

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Public Cafe is just another neighborhood coffee shop in the pleasant surroundings of Gurney Drive. Located next to the famed Song River Cafe, this coffee shop is a favorite spot for me as it has a stall that serves up both delicious yet reasonable seafood noodles and porridge.

Take a pick from the striking mix of ingredients and several types of noodles.  The prices varies according to the seafood ingredients, with pawns, crabs, paddy frogs (tin kai/chui kay) and varieties of fish.

Seafood Noodle & Porridge at Public Cafe, Gurney Drive by

Piping hot bowl of Seafood Noodle

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Tho Yuen Chicken Rice Restaurant is an old Cantonese restaurant located in a two storey building at Campbell Street Penang, right next the popular Kwong Tuck (sundry shop). Business has been going around for many decades now and the place is still as popular.

This restaurant serves dim sum for breakfast and varieties of noodles, porridge and Chicken Rice during lunch hour. The interior of the restaurant was recently given a new paint job for a cleaner and brighter outlook! I was there during lunch break and the place was filled with customers with some having to settle for the tables set up in the pavement.

Tho Yuen Chicken Rice Restaurant, Penang by

One of Tho Yuen’s specialty dish – Fish head steam with noodle

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There are several variations of beef noodles in Penang with the all time favorite beef ball noodles and the Hakka beef ball noodles.

This time the focus is on the Ngau Larm Mee stall (Chinese style braised beef brisket noodle) at Sai Lam, an old coffee shop at the corner of Chulia Street and Carnarvon Street. This delicious braised beef can be served with variation of noodles: springy thin or the broad wanton noodles or better still with hor fun.  Whatever the choice is, it comes with generous portion of flavorful beef pieces.

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Dry Ngau Larm Mee with broad noodles

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If you are looking for varieties of Nasi Lemak, Nyonya cuisines and home cooked food, you might want to drop by Ivy’s Kitchen located on Chow Thye Road, Penang.  This pork free restaurant with very basic deco is just beside Isaribi Japanese Restaurant and Jemputree.

A group of Penang Food Bloggers gathered there recently for a food tasting session.


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Fancy having a bowl of piping hot seafood beehoon or pork porridge? I had my share over at Lam Kei located in Nam Thean coffee shop along the busy Jalan Jelutong. This stall has been around for thirty-five years with the second generation taking over now. They have another stall selling this similar food inside Kedai Kopi Leong Huat Seng in Sungai Tiram, near to the Penang Airport.


Seafood with thick beehoon

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Medan Selera Mutiara is another popular hawker center in Tanjung Bunga, Penang with many tasty hawker food. The stalls are managed by various races of hawkers, each renowned for its specialty. The food court is surrounded by a row of shop houses where Ingolf German Restaurant and Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant is located.


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Went over to Butterworth, Bagan Dalam to try out the teochew steam fish-head beehoon. The shop located just beside the wet market is actually a dim sum shop. Occupying two shoplots, it is really pack in the morning that they even have tables on the service road.

We went there late on a Sunday morning (in fact they were starting to clean up the premises) but still they were kind enough to take our orders. As for the dim sum, there were only two types left but we didn’t really mind as our our aim was for the beehoon. Ordered a medium size plate.

The soup which has tomato, mushroom, ginger and chilli padi was definitely appetising. The fish was fresh. As for the beehoon (soak in the teochew soup), it was so tasty that we ordered another plate with a single serving.

We all made a promise to come again but the next time much much earlier. Super recommended if looking for something spicy and sour to savour! In a nutshell, go there a.s.a.p!

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