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Yam rice for lunch? Yes,of course. How could I resist when my hubby suggested it. There are a few places in Butterworth selling it but we still prefer to frequent the stall in Bukit Mertajam, located behind Jalan Kulim. The stall is based in Kedai Makanan Hing Hing at Lorong Melor. It serves yam rice, preserved salted vegetable pork soup, stew soya sauce pork trotter as well as stew tofu and egg. Not to miss out the special chili paste with thick black sauce.

That’s a choice of having white rice or yam rice but most customers will opt for the latter.The rice is boiled with the yam (which is why the rice is so fragrant). The yam is soft and creamy…and I love to have more pieces of it.
Ordered two bowls of soup that comes with chinese celery and preserved salted vegetable. First bowl was mix ingredients of pork organs – stomach, liver, pork slices and meatballs. The other bowl consist of rectangular pieces of pig blood (congealed pig blood). Its jelly like structure is very smooth like tofu.

We also had the stew pork trotter as a side dish.

Up to now, we still can’t find any stalls selling this dish in the island…. so whenever we feel like having yam rice, we will take a short journey up to BM to enjoy this delicious food.


* The stall has shifted to a new coffee shop located just nearby the old place. Do drop by Eleen blog’s for a detailed map to this place.

Business Hours : 9am – 3pm
Closed : Wednesday

GPS Coordinates : N05º 21.690   E100º 27.787


We went to Swee Garden Restaurant for lunch, with the recommendation from our friend, Dr and Mrs Lim.  The restaurant frequented by many outstation diners is located behind Maybank in Nibong Tebal, Seberang Prai.


Its specialty dish is the Thai style deep-fried pork trotter. The skin is crunchy, yet the meat is very tender and the dish comes with some pickled onions and fresh cucumber. Indeed very delicious.

The restaurant also serves many varieties of seafood. We had the steamed fish, fried lala, Assam prawns and some vegetables.


Do try the umbra juice suan -boi (sour plum) that comes in a jug. Many coffee shops and restaurants in Penang is serving this fruit juice but this one is the best that we had tasted so far. The pure fruit juice is thick and not mixed with a lot of water.

The food is delicious, prices are reasonable but it was a bit uncomfortable as there are many flies flying around.
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