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Kang Beef House is the place for all things beef, and it is the ideal place to explore if you are a beef lover. The beef is served in a variety of ways, be it soup noodles, stir-fried dishes or steamboat. We made several visits to Kang Beef House since its opening last year.

The most common dish here is the bowl of Beef Koay Teow, priced at RM6, RM8, RM10, RM12 and RM15.  It comes with a light broth, drawing flavor from an assortment of beef parts, including beef slices, meat balls, brisket and stomach. We enjoyed slurping the smooth koay teow along with the tasty soup.

Beef Noodle & Steamboat @ Kang Beef House, Penang by

Steaming bowl of Beef Koay Teow

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The Sungai Pinang Food Court located at the corner of Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway (formerly known as Jelutong Expressway) and Jalan Sungai Pinang exit contains a great variety of hawker food.

One of the stalls which I regularly patronize is the Herbal Soup Stall, which offers hot bowls of nourishing Chinese soup. The stall enjoyed brisk business from the old and the young alike. The soups are boiled for long hours, infusing nutrition using many different Chinese herbs and  ingredients. There are up to ten over choices to choose from.

Chinese Herbal Soup @ Sungai Pinang Food Court, Penang by

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We begin a weekend morning with a warm and filling bowl of oyster porridge, or better known orh moi at the oyster porridge stall in Perak Road, Jelutong. Penang. It is one of the local’s favorite choice of  breakfast. The stall starts selling early in the morning serving breakfast, right till lunch hour.

Being the only stall in the coffee shop, it draws in quite a crowd, with the place packed with customers. Many are seen waiting for their take-aways while others are busy slurping down their porridge.

Oyster Porridge in Perak Road, Penang by

Huge pot of oyster porridge

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Love Penang Assam Laksa topped with the pungent hae kor (prawn paste)? I am sure many Penangites and tourist alike love this Penang classic dish for its tangy and sourish taste. My crave for Assam Laksa would have me going all the way out to the Air Itam Market and at times visiting the stall in Gottlieb Road and Johor Road.


All the ingredients for Assam Laksa

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Penang hawker food never ceases to amaze me, up to this very day. After trying so many types of bak moey (pork porridge), I stumbled upon this stall in Perak Lane that is managed by an old man with the help from his son.


The old man in a singlet and a teddy bear apron

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Many hawker stalls do sell the Chinese sweet dessert of Peanut Tong Sui. This particular stall that we visited is located at the corner of Perak Lane and Jalan Jelutong, right beside the famous Perak Lane Fish Beehoon. This stall sells peanut tong sui which is commonly known as thor tau jin th’ng or fah sang tong sui with choices of add-on goodies.


This hot dessert comes with three different types of add ons. You can opt for the Chinese crullers (yu jar kuai) and the steamed roots of sweet potato (yellow flesh) or the yam.


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Fancy having a bowl of piping hot seafood beehoon or pork porridge? I had my share over at Lam Kei located in Nam Thean coffee shop along the busy Jalan Jelutong. This stall has been around for thirty-five years with the second generation taking over now. They have another stall selling this similar food inside Kedai Kopi Leong Huat Seng in Sungai Tiram, near to the Penang Airport.


Seafood with thick beehoon

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