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Street food in Penang is simply irresistible with multitude delightful culinary choices. Food stalls are set up by the road side while others are located in food courts.

But food courts are gaining popularity in recent years, unlike in Singapore, where fancy food courts dot the island. Locals find them convenient, with all their favourite hawker food under one roof and its cleaner environment.

By far the largest food court for Penang is the New World Park Food Court. In total, there are twenty over stalls serving a good mix of Penang’s street food.

Unlike any food court or hawker centre, this food court is design with exceptionally high roof for ventilation. The sitting area is brightly lit both from the natural light and the overhead spot lights. The stalls are well ventilated so much so that the smoke from the cooking does not travel into the dining area. The washing of plates and cutlery is carried out in a centralised wash area to ensure cleanness.

Like any food court, there are some stalls that are particularly popular as compared to others. One such stall is curry noodle. The lady owner is generous with the topping of mint leaves which gives the stock and noodle a green and fresh taste. The stock is not overwhelmed with thick coconut milk but rather on the lighter side. The appealing homemade curry paste has a strong spice aroma.

Penang Hawker Food at New World Park Food Court by

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Just a very mention of Curry Mee and most Malaysians will be gleefully thinking about the delicious hawker food staple that has satisfied the nation for years. The dish itself is unique to Malaysia, with its combination of yellow noodles and vermicelli with the spicy coconut milk laden soup. Commonly, the soup would be spiced up with additional chilli paste, and topped with dried tofu pok (tau pok), prawns and cuttlefish.

There are several variations of curry mee in Malaysia; however this is the most telling Penang version. What differentiate Penang Curry Mee from the others are the ingredients used; besides the aforementioned there is also additional pig’s coagulated blood cubes and bloody cockles. Even though society in general is moving towards a healthier palate, most believe that Penang’s Curry Mee will not taste as good without them.

Throughout the island there are numerous stalls offering this mouth-watering curry mee, with each of them offering its own version of soup and ingredients. The soup varies from a reddish coconut based broth to a lighter pale color, affectionately known to locals as White Curry Mee.

White Curry Mee & Hainanese Chicken at Hot Bowl, Penang by

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Hawker food features prominently in the culinary culture in the state of Penang. Across the industry there are always places that constantly make headlines while others tend to be excellent but underrated, and the New Cathay Coffee Shop is classified as the latter.

Located along Lorong Kuching right off the ever bustling Burmah Road, this coffee shop is one of the decent places to sample a plethora of Penang’s street hawker fare. A favorite mostly with the locals, it begins to fill up as early as 7.30 in the morning and is absolutely packed during the peak hours of ten in the morning right through two in the afternoon.

For those opting for a lighter snack, the apom manis (Indian style pan cake) stall right beside the shop is an excellent alternative. Interestingly, the owner still maintains the tradition of using charcoal stoves and clay pots.

Hawker Food at Cathay Coffee Shop, Pulau Tikus by

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Chin Ho Plaza in Penang Times Square was the site of The Battle of Penang Hawker Masters 2012 competition finale, where 18 shortlisted hawkers compete in dishing out the best Penang hawker dishes. The event organised by Ivory Properties Group Bhd for the second year was packed with a crowd of 500 food lovers who came and watched the participants in action.

The competition comprising six categories, saw three participants from each category showcasing their skills. The six categories were Hokkien mee, curry mee, nasi lemak, char koay teow, pasembur and rojak, prepared with Khalis santan sawit, Carotino red palm oil and minyak Cap Buruh.




Char Koay Teow


Nasi Lemak

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 15th June 2011.

Chulia Street in Penang is not only known for its many budget hotels but also for inexpensive meals. It’s a popular dining destination with locals and tourists alike. At night, a section of the road is lined with stalls selling a good mix of street food. Do not make your choice immediately. Take your time and have a closer look at what’s on offer.

Worthy of mention are curry mee and wantan noodles. Springy wantan noodles are served with slices of char xiu (barbecued pork) and wantan (dumplings). For the curry mee, medium-sized fish ball is added to the standard ingredients of coconut milk, cockles, blood jelly, cuttlefish and tau pok (fried tofu). The slightly sweet coconut milk is flavoured with a blend of aromatic spices. Expect a queue as the curry mee is popular.

Chulia Street Hawker Food by CK Lam  of

Chulia Street curry mee

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***The place has since closed down

* This article was also published in the New Straits Times on 16th June 2010.

Take a step into the past at Sri Malaya, an oasis of retro charm!

Tucked right in the heart of George Town, housed in a pre-World War II heritage building is the newly opened Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant. This restaurant, conveniently located on Rope Walk, is near to the entrance from Chulia Street.

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant – a new facade in Rope Walk, Penang

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Near to the intersection of Campbell Street and Carnavon Street in Penang, is the Campbell Street Market. This corner market building with a brick facade still maintained its ornate cast iron columns and brackets. It has a poultry section, seafood and meat sellers.

In the morning especially during weekends, this wet market is very crowded. Busy atmosphere prevails by the stalls selling vegetables and hawkers pedaling their food along one side of the market building.

Lum Mee & Curry Mee @ Campbell Street Market  by

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Over the weekend together with my blogger friends and photographers, we went around Air Itam to sample-fest some hawker food. We made our way to Kedai Kopi Wah Meng. The coffee shop located across the Sisters Curry Mee is a stone throw away from the Air Itam morning wet market, which itself is full of interesting local flavor.

Penang Hawker Food at Wah Meng Cafe, Air Itam Penang by

How about a delicious bowl of Koay Chiap for starters?

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***Updated in October 2013 – The stall has since closed down

Peace & Joy Coffee Shop located in the corner of China Street and Queen Street Penang has a stall selling delicious curry mee! Generally, the curry mee soup itself is very flavorful, while the ingredients top it off beautifully. I noticed this coffee shop on my first chu char visit in the nearby Kedai Makanan Heng Kee.

The basic bowl of Curry Mee comes with ingredients of cockles, cuttle fish, pig jelly and taupok in rich gravy. You can have it with add-on ingredients as well! I love it either way.

Penang Curry Mee

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Yong Tau Foo is a famous hawker food in Ipoh and is commonly found in food court and coffee shops around the town. I personally find the Yong Tau Foo in Ipoh tastier, and was delighted when my friend KS introduced me to Nam Fatt Fish Ball Noodle House.

My family visited this air conditioned noodle shop which was located along Jalan Kampar on our recent Ipoh trip. Our meal started off with a plate of Stew Beef Noodles @RM6.80. It was served with plenty of vegetables, indeed different from those serve in Penang.


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The Wok Cafe may sound familiar to many Penangites as this restaurant is the outlet to the Hot Wok Restaurant along Burma Road in Penang. It is housed in a corner shoplot situated in the bustling Kota Damansara township, a new residential and commercial address. Together with a few friends, we went there to savor their Penang Hawker Food and Nyonya cuisine, courtesy of Uncle Robert Yeoh and his son Mervyn (the chef).


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There are numerous Curry Mee stalls in Penang and each stall has its own kind of soup. Some have their coconut based stock reddish while some comes in a lighter pale color version, at times known as White Curry Mee. There are also different kinds of add-on such as curry chicken, fish balls and fish cakes.

These are some of the Curry Mee stalls that I used to patronized. First on the list would be the delicious bowl of Curry Mee from Tuai Pui Curry Mee at Weld Quay. Added with extra pieces of curry chicken, gizzard and chicken legs, this stall has been my favorite for some time now. I find the soup very authentic as well, as it is aromatic on its own.

Business Hour : Lunch till evening.

Update : The stall has since shifted to -
No. 23 Lebuh Kimerley
10100 Penang

Business Hour: 9am to 5.30pm
Closed on Wednesday

img_0766.jpgMint leaves adding plenty of flavor to the bowl of Curry Mee

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