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Old Shanghai Restaurant at Chime Heritage building on Jalan Bawasah in George Town, Penang is a place specializing in Shanghainese cuisine.

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Dragon-i welcomes the “Year of the Horse” with many auspicious culinary creations. We sampled some of the dishes put together by the Shanghainese restaurant, located at Queensbay Mall, Penang.

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From mid-October to December 2013, Dragon-i Group of Restaurants will be airflying the seasonal delicacy hairy crabs twice weekly from Yangcheng Lake located to the northeast of Suzhou, China.

Dragon-i seems to have the China’s most cherished crustaceans recipe for success, having offering the crustacean for the past five years. I had the pleasure of savoring the gentle crustaceans at the Dragon-i Hairy Crab Premium Set Menu Promotion Press Conference held at its Sunway Pyramid outlet.

Hairy Crabs from Yangcheng Lake, China Returns to Dragon-i by

Hairy crab from Yangcheng Lake

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By CK Lam

Having started off more than a decade ago in Penang, Shanghai Ding House of Dumplings is still drawing in the crowds, with many going for its noodles and dim sum.

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This time around a few food bloggers and myself were invited by well known and talented bakers, Big Boys Oven to do a review at the Shanghaineses Restaurant, Dragon-i at Queensbay Mall, Penang. This restaurant is famous for their many varieties of non-halal Shanghainese cuisine.

I was looking forward to do this review as I still remembered not too long ago I was indulging myself with family and friends on their Mid-Autumn Festiva Banquet set meal which all of us truly enjoyed.


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After our family dining experience at Dragon-i Queensbay Mall with our friends, I received an email from the management of Dragon-i. They are offering the following incentive to all What2See readers and is valid from September 23 till October 31, 2008.


One complimentary Xiao Long Bao (with every purchase of RM50 & above) upon producing the print-out coupon on this page. This steaming hot juicy dumplings Xioa Long Bao will be exclusively available for diners at the Dragon-i Queensbay Mall outlet only.


All you have to do to redeem this wonderful offer is simply click on the coupon below, and print it out. So get printing and you are on the way for a yummylicious makan session. I like to say thank you to the management of Dragon-i for the offer given to my readers.

Dragon i QBM What2see Coupon

On a separate matter, click here for more of my review of this restaurant.

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar (usually around mid- or late-September in the ordinary calendar), a date that parallels the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes of the solar calendar. The traditional food of this festival is the moon cake.

On the very last day of this Mid-Autumn Festival, our whole family was invited by Dr. Alex and his wife for dinner at Dragon-i in Queensbay Mall. This restaurant is famous for their many varieties of Shanghainese noodle soups, dishes and appetizers. The restaurant has been notoriously known to be packed especially for dinner, but fortunately a reservation has already been made.


We were ushered into the beautifully crafted restaurant, which was overlooking the main atrium of Queensbay Mall. Comfortably seated on the almond shaped table, we were soon given menus for the evening. The supervisor recommended we had the banquet set meal, which was specially designed for the festival!

The banquet set meal came in two sizes; the feast for ten or its penultimate half. Since it was only five of us, it was fitting for us to have the latter that cost RM248++. The set meal had eleven different dishes, varying from outrageous combinations to classic dishes.

As like in almost all cuisine, the Appetizer Dishes were the first to be served. Cold cuts of white chicken marinated with a strong Chinese wine. Instant retribution! This was followed up with Jelly Fish with sesame oil… it is very nice and QQ.




The other appetizer is the Shanghainese Smoked Salmon with a slightly sweet sauce. Unfortunately, I find the fillet slightly hard and dry, lacking the tender fish texture.



The last appetizer is the Steamed Meat Dumpling (???) served steaming hot on a bed of Chinese cabbage. The hot juicy dumplings are best eaten dip in black vinegar with strips of ginger.



We were happily catching up with Dr Alex and his wife, while waiting for the Main Course to arrive. The appetizers successfully set our stomachs growling, and after a spot of photos, the first of the main course made its entry.


It started off with the five of us treated to an individual jar of Double Boiled Lean Pork Soup with Conch Meat. This is indeed a clear and flavourful soup, no extra condiments were added. With the usage of lean meat, the soup was also clear of any oil nor fats, which went down very well with us.


One of the speciality dishes at Dragon-i is the Shanghainese Braised Pork Belly – the large piece of pork belly is braised in soy sauce, which gives the meat a brownish colour. The texture of the meat is soft and tender. It is served with warm butterfly shaped ‘mantou’.



Sauteed Prawns in Sichuan Sauce, slightly sweet and sour. Indeed an excellent dish to go with the next dish of Yong Chou Fried Rice.



Honey Glazed Smoked Duck Breast is a dish with combination of a three different ingredients. The juicy smoked duck, deep fried bean curd sheet and braised sweet lotus seed wrapped up in a flat piece of pancake. Recommended to try out this dish.



Braised Mushroom with Mixed Vegetable served on a bed of Siew Pak Choy.


The meal is completed with the serving of dessert. We had an individual bowl of Bird’s Nest with Waterchestnut and Sea Coconut. This fairly sweet dessert is served cold.


A very fulfilling and hearty meal by our dear friend, Dr Alex Lim and his wife in this stylish and comfortable restaurant.




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La Mian is Chinese noodles that goes through the hand-making process of repeating stretching and pulling. This type of noodle has since gained popularity in Penang in recent years after the opening of places like Dragon-i and Shanghai Ding. Another newly opened outlet is the Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant. We stop by this restaurant for lunch to try out their various types of noodles.

We went for the basic item – the la mian and dumplings. The Chinese chef prepares the dumplings in the open kitchen which faces the entrance of the restaurant.

Two plates of hot dumpling with minced pork, one steam and one pan fried….eaten with a sauce which makes up of vinegar, ginger and chili oil.

This is the pan fried dumplings with crispy bottom.

Besides the dumplings, we had the stir fried la mian with pork and another plate with beef. Both the noodles is actually quite nice and chewy. Their way of stir frying makes it very tasty and it doesn’t have the taste of our local fried noodles.

We paid over RM32 (plus drinks) for this full and satisfying lunch. We will be dropping by this place again to try their other cold dishes and hot plates.

This restaurant is located at 70-A, Jalan Zainal Abidin.
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