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A friend tipped me off to a coffee shop serving hand-pulled noodles on the busy Macalister Road. This fairly new stall offers freshly hand-pulled noodles (la mian) and koay teow th’ng. Other specialties include homemade prawn wanton and fish balls.

The owner Mr Loh starts his day by making the hand-pulled noodles at the kitchen. The hand-pulled noodles have a certain tenderness and texture, which is greatly distinct from mass made noodles. The noodle is available in two sizes – either thick rounded or string-thin. Mr Loh quoted that the texture and mouth feel of the noodles are as important as flavor!

We had several varieties, starting with the spicy “ma la” noodle, which is the highlight in 173. Mr Loh had the hand-pulled noodles dipped in boiling water. The blanched fine noodle is served with black sauce with a dollop of chili-red paste (also handmade), a Sichuan specialty with heat of chilies and numbing Sichuan peppercorns.

Priced at RM3.50, the dish comes with pieces of BBQ pork (char siew), chicken, fish balls, vegetables and aromatic chili paste. With the right thickness and nice chewy bite, the noodles absorbed every drop of robust flavor from the spicy and tingly chili paste. For those who prefer less spicy, be sure to inform Mr Loh.

Hand-pulled Noodles at 173 Macalister Road by CK Lam of

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Like in all countries, Singapore also has many varieties of hawker food, adding to the comfortable hotel cuisines. You can find countless hawker food stalls located inside the shops, eating areas and food courts all over the city with reasonable prices and interesting food. The variety of food is actually amazing.

The gastronomic adventure had several of us visiting many parts of the city. We started with breakfast at Chin Mee Chin Coffee & Cake Shop, an old-school kopitiam located in an old shop house.


Chin Mee Chin
204 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428903

Business Hour: 8.30am to 4.00 pm
Closed on Monday

This traditional Chinese confectionery is charming with its defining floor tiles, ceiling fans, marble-top tables and wooden chairs of the earlier years. All these give the place a very ‘old school’ look.

A tempting tea time break in Chin Mee Chin by

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Business is usually bustling at the Hainanese Chicken Rice stall in Kheng Pin Cafe located in the junction of Sri Bahari Road and Penang Road. This stall run by a couple is one of the places with a good rendition of chicken rice in town. The poached chicken is deliciously prepared, a firm smooth skin with a layer of gelatin underneath and tender juicy meat.

Sri Bahari Hainanese Chicken Rice new outlet in Lorong Selamat

A meaty plate of chicken

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During the weekend I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with friends in the newly opened Hainanese Delights Restaurant in Penang. This place is located in the low rise 1926 Heritage Hotel on Burma Road, and emerges as the newest addition to the number of Hainanese restaurant in town. This restaurant is operated by a Hainanese, while the food is cooked by a Hainanese chef too. The menu of this restaurant brings a selection of Hainanese specialties and some western-style dishes.

Macaroni Pie at Hainanese Delights Restaurant in 1926 Heritage Hotel Penang

The nostalgic Hainanese cuisine, Macaroni Pie…

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Chicken rice can be found in most hawker stalls and food courts in Penang as the chicken rice is a popular and favorite food for many of us. There is one exceptional stall that sells Hainan Chicken Rice – Thai style located in a corner coffee shop along Penang Road. It is directly opposite KOMTAR Tower and a few shops away from Kek Seng which is famous for its durian ice cream and ice kacang.


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Medan Selera Mutiara is another popular hawker center in Tanjung Bunga, Penang with many tasty hawker food. The stalls are managed by various races of hawkers, each renowned for its specialty. The food court is surrounded by a row of shop houses where Ingolf German Restaurant and Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant is located.


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Restaurant May Foong is an old establishment in Bagan Dalam, Butterworth, Penang which is famous for its Ipoh Hor Fun, Steam Chicken (pak cham kai) and Prawn Dumpling (wanton). It is located nearby another famous dim sum eatery, Sweet Paradise Restaurant.

The Hor Fun has the smoothness and silkiness in it, exactly like the ones we had in Thean Chun coffeeshop in old town, Ipoh. There are two version, the dry ones and the soup ones. The dry ones are served with some light sauce instead of the usual black thick sauce. The soup is very clear and tasted the same as those in Ipoh but only lack the redness appearance.


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*** The outlet has closed.

If you are in Pulau Tikus area, you are most likely to see this signboard by the road side of the bustling Burma Road. It is indicating the newly opened stall selling salted chicken (yim gouk kai). It is located just one shop away from the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng.

This stall is the branch out from its outlet in Joo Leong Cafe in Bayan Lepas (famous for its toast bread and half boiled eggs). The chicken is wrapped in “tracing paper” and baked in two woks filled with heated coarse salt.

P1110005 P1110006


A bird cost RM22 whereas half of it goes for RM11. The chicken is quite small size, considering it as the ‘kampung breed’ and has less fats compare to the normal chicken. The flesh of the chicken is very tender and tasty. The combination of salt and Chinese herb of  Dong Guai gives the meat a unique flavourable aroma and it goes well with rice.

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For some of the best of Penang’s hawker food and snacks, pay a visit to Cintra Street – a bustling street located in the heart of George Town, Penang. Entrance to this one way street is via Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong. Its located in the same vicinity as KOMTAR and Prangin Mall. You will be able to find many varieties of foods and snacks, from dawn to dusk.


As you stroll along this narrow street, you will find the famed deep-fried Yau Char Kuai stall on your left. The stall was once located on the ground floor of the People’s Park flats. However, I reckon they moved out to the main road so that it is more accessible to the public. Business hours starts from late morning till night. They even supply the yau char kuai  to hawker stalls selling porridge, bak kut teh and tong-sui.

Amazingly, the Yau Char Kuai (sometimes known as You Tiu) maintains its crisp nature even after a few hours. Definitely the making of a good teatime, served with a cup of kopi-o kau.


The culinary journey continues! Wen Chang Hainan Chicken Rice shop (located just right opposite) sells traditional Hainanese chicken rice. roast chicken, white chicken and loh bak. Other than chili sauce, they do offer grinded ginger, a nice complement to go with the chicken.

This stall was previously located a stone’s throw away from the Dumpling shop (read below) has since expanded; relocating to a corner shop house of their own.





Right beside the chicken rice shop is Ng Kee Cake Shop. This bakery shop sells a wide selection of freshly baked Cantonese biscuits and snacks. They also accept orders for special occasion – birthdays and weddings. At times, I do treat myself to a box of pepper biscuit. The biscuit is crunchy with nuts, sesame seed and pepper powder.


A few doors down the bakery shop, you will come across the all time favourite Dim Sum shop, De Tai Tong Cafe. Dim Sum is served during breakfast and dinner, while there is an ala-carte menu for lunch. For noodle lovers, do try out their noodle – Yee Foo Meen, Char Hor Fan and Hong Toh Meen.


Opposite the dim sum cafe is a roadside stall selling deep-fried Ham Chim Pang (pancake) and steamed Pak Tong Goe (rice cake).  Among the varieties of Ham Chim Pang are the ones with five spice powder, glutinous rice and filling of tau sar.


Just look at the amount of five spice powder which gives the Ham Chim Pang its slightly salty taste. My family have been enjoying this snack for years. :D


If you happen to be in town earlier in the evening, you can buy the Ham Chim Pang (pancake) and Pak Tong Goe directly from their shop which is just located behind De Tai Tong Dim Sum cafe.

P1070710-1 P1070713-1

Across the junction of Cintra/Campbell, you will see the popular Dumpling shop – Cintra Food Corner on your left. This place is famous for its bak chang, tau chang, yam cake and red bean tong-sui boiled with dried Mandarin peel. Environment is much better now since it has shifted into a shop as compared to its earlier trading days by the roadside.

P1070986Cintra Street Ba Chang 9

Cintra Street Ba Chang 4


Two doors away from the ‘chang’ shop is the Curry Chee Cheong Fun stall. You get to savour this curry version with tender pieces of chicken (only drumstick) and soft potato for RM3.50. The spicy flavors of the curry chicken makes this a delicious meal. You are allowed to bring the CCF and consume it in the ‘chang’ shop :)



Spoilt for choices? Me too! Which food are you going to have, the next time you visit Cintra Street? No matter which,  Happy Eating!

Updated on  14/10/2010 : There are two more food outlets just opposite the CCF – the chu char at Sun Yoon Kee Restaurant and the neighbouring chicken and fish porridge.

Fancy having a steaming hot bowl of chicken porridge or just plain white porridge together with two or three side dishes for dinner? We happen to stumble upon this stall located in a coffee shop at the junction of Kimberley Street/Jalan Kuala Kangsar (around Chowrasta Market) which sells this delicious food. It is open for dinner from 5.30pm onwards.

This bowl of chicken porridge/congee with chicken pieces and eu char koay cost RM3. It has the chicken sweetness in it and is served with some spring onions, dash of oil and thin strips of ginger. The porridge is very smooth and thick. I had one and a half bow!

This stall has a lot of other dishes to offer to its customers – specialties like pig trotter vinegar, curry wild boar meat, suen mui kai and blanch vegetables of choy sum. All these are great wonderful complement to the rice and plain porridge.
Hubby had his plate of rice with two dishes…. the ‘Mui Choy Chue Yoke’ which is actually pork cooked with preserved vegetable and BBQ chicken.

The BBQ chicken has an aromatic flavour. The meat is tender and tasty, infused with the soya sauce. This whole chicken drumstick cost RM6.

This place offers reasonable prices for their food…value for money.

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