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If you are in the Northam Beach Cafe in Penang, do check out the the nutty goodness of peanut candy and peanut sugar from Ang Seng Heong. Although both are made with peanuts, each has its own distinctive taste and texture.

The peanut candy, also known as kacang tumbuk or kong th’ng (in Hokkien) isn’t anything new. With scrumptious taste of peanuts and sugar, this crumbly snack has been around for ages and its recipe still remains a perennial favourite among customers.

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The first Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop in Southeast Asia had its soft opening on the 5th floor of Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang on 9th February 2015. The restaurant originated from Hong Kong has a total of nine outlets, with one awarded with one Michelin star for seven consecutive years.

The a la carte menu offers Cantonese cuisine with a mix of congee, wantun mee combined with barbecue meat and an enormous selection of dim sum.

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By CK Lam

Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat Restaurant (Little Fat Lamb) was buzzing with diners when we visited the place for dinner. The steamboat restaurant which has developed a reputation of offering nice cuts of meat is located along Jalan Tanjung Tokong Penang, a few houses away from Starbucks Drive-Thru.

Raw meats and veggies are cooked in a pot of hot soup.  At Xiao Fei Yang, there is the herbal soup (RM23) and hot & spicy Mala soup. You can also opt to have the combination of both, priced at RM25.

Ordering is made easy with the ticking ordering system. We tick our choices of ingredients and in a short while, the pot of soup is set up the table. The Mala broth is hearty and fiery, boiled with lots of herbs, peppercorns, ginger and chillies. The herbal soup flavored with a mixture of Chinese herbs, garlic, longan and kei chee (wolfberries) is especially welcoming.

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We could not resist the offer from our friends to track down the crab clay pot rice at Kedai Makanan Jia Hian. We travel over to Simpang Ampat Penang to enjoy the simple pleasure of this fabulous rice dish.

Kedai Makanan Jia Hian is another neighbourhood cze char place. Previously located in the corner house on Taman Merak Jaya, it has since shifted to a shop house in nearby Taman Idaman.

The signature dish is obviously the crab clay pot rice. We could see that most tables have at least a pot or two of this dish.

Crab claypot rice at Jia Hian by

Jia Hian signature crab clay pot rice

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Among the many dim sum places in Penang, one old-time favorite is Yong Pin Restaurant. The place with its location in Sungai Ujong is full of memories for those who frequent this place for its range of dim sum and noodles.

Besides a breakfast fare, the dim sum is also available during dinner. Round bamboo steamer filled with small plates of dim sum is being carried around the tables by workers.

 Dim Sum @ Yong Pin Sungai Ujong, Penang by

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Essenze Magazine is a prestigious magazine featuring a vibrant mix of fashion, people, luxury, and many more. An article on Maple Palace Restaurant in Penang appeared in Vol. 34-14 and I had been interviewed for the article.

The interview over lunch at the Chinese restaurant with gracious host Vivien Teoh and Tan Loy Sin was documented and also with photos taken.

This is the version of the article – A Flair of Flavour…



In a land where spicy street food and Hokkien cuisine rule supreme, there is one heavyweight champion that is slowly turning the tide by introducing impeccable Cantonese Szechuan cuisine in a classy setting that is fit for a king. Set in Maple Gold Club, a grand heritage mansion tucked in the millionaire’s row of Penang’s swanky Northam Road (or Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah), is Maple Palace Restaurant. The restaurant has made a name for being one of the top places frequented by the well-heeled millionaires and socialites of Malaysia’s high society.

The proprietor and head-chef of Maple Palace, Tan Loy Sin, or Loy as he goes by, recently hosted celebrated food critic and writer, C.K. Lam, and EZ to sample the restaurant’s new menu.

Lam, who runs one of the most visited food websites in Malaysia is widely regarded as an authority on the Penang food scene and has written for numerous publications in Malaysia and beyond.

 CK Lam featured in A Flair for Flavour in  Vol. 34-14 Essenze Magazine

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Diners visiting Sesame & Soy at G-Hotel, Penang will find solace in the unique dishes crafted by chef de cuisine Chiam Choon Heng. This award winning Pan Asian restaurant offers a variety of fusion contemporary Chinese cuisine.

Besides the ala carte menu, Sesame also features quarterly seasonal menus. From August to September 2013, the menu listed with nutritious lotus root and fresh fruit creations awaits you.

Try the Stuffed Lotus Root with Prawn. This dish with peanut butter mayo and sesame seeds atop huge prawns stuffed with moderately minced lotus root and prawns is prepared in an interesting and flavorful way. The lotus root is rather unique, with fine threads when you bite into it.

  Menu of Lotus Root and Fresh Fruit Creations @Sesame & Soy, G Hotel by


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Occupying a site in inner George Town, the Moey She Temple is a Cantonese-style clan temple for the Chinese with the surname of “Moey”. Located on Penang Street, the temple is also where you can dine in – how about that?

Taste of Cantonese style economy rice at Moey She Temple, Penang at

Table in front of the main altar

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Penang’s latest eatery serving giant river prawn is House of Udang Galah (HUG). Located on Hutton Lane, the restaurant housed in two renovated heritage shop houses offers fresh udang galah (giant river prawn) cooked in many different ways. Italian, Western, Malay, Indian and Chinese method of cooking is offered. The prawns are cut into halves and cooked with the head and shell intact.

One of HUG specialties is the Udang Galah in Chef Specialty Lime Sauce. The prawns steamed with garlic, chilli and ginger, made up a perky and appetising dish. Garnished with Chinese parsley, the dish costs a little fortune at RM109 (730g at RM15/100g).

River Prawns at House of Udang Galah (HUG), Penang by

Udang Galah in Chef Specialty Lime Sauce

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Happy Chinese New Year 2013, Year of the Water Snake!!!

There are so many life’s great things and one of them is having reunion meal with your loved ones. And this year I could not have asked for better with the flying in of my sons, daughter in-law and my granddaughter.

The home cooked meal of Nyonya and Cantonese food prepared by mother-in-law has many ingredients and delicacies which are important signs for the Chinese festival. Here are some of the dishes that we had been enjoying over the years.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013, Year of the Water Snake with home cooked dishes by

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In conjunction with the upcoming February and Chinese New Year promotion, Eastin Hotel Penang has put its Chinese Odyssey and Chinese New Year’s Buffet at the Swez Brasserie. The festive menu crafted by chef Cheah Teik Huat and junior sous chef Ong Chin Hock offers a variety of authentic Chinese specialties to satisfy your taste buds.

The best dish to start the meal is the fresh salmon Yee Sang. This dish enjoyed only during the Chinese New Year is a colorful temptation, with piquant pairing of tangy and appetizing sauces with various ingredients.

Chinese New Year Menu at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang by

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A food trip over to Ipoh, Perak had us visiting Mun Choong Restaurant. This restaurant commonly known as Pusing Public Restaurant is a favorite of both tourists and locals.

This restaurant situated in Pasir Puteh offers variety of delicacies and one personal favorite is the udang galah (Har Lok in Cantonese). These freshwater prawns are cooked in many forms.

Freshwater Prawns @ Mun Choong, Ipoh by

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