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There is a fair share of hotels in town celebrating the fasting month of Ramadhan and Hard Rock Hotel Penang is attracting its clientele with its Bintang Rock Buffet. Running from 9th July till 9th August 2013, diners can look forward to a buka puasa feast with great mixture of appetizers, main courses and desserts at the Starz Diner.

 Welcome Ramadhan 2013 with Breaking Fast at Hard Rock Hotel Penang by

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The start of 2013 had me travelling down to Kuala Lumpur to attend the Artistry of Spices programme at the invitation of The United States Ambassador to Malaysia, Datuk Paul W. Jones, and wife, Catherine Jones.

Many food enthusiasts and friends were there to celebrate the programme held at their official residence in Jalan Langgak Golf.

Artistry of Spices Program in promoting culture, heritage and cuisines by

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During this holy Ramadan month, G Hotel presents a special buka puasa dinner with traditional kampong styled dishes at the G Cafe. Chef Hamizi, the sous chef presents local Malay delights and international delicacies coupled with succulent barbeque selection in rotating menus.

Spice up your Ramadan at G Cafe by

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By CK Lam

Spending your weekend in Penang? Do check out this 24-hour guide to eating on the island non-stop, written by me for TimeOut Penang 2012. Hope everyone have a great time indulging  in all the flavourful food, rich in spices and herbs from the many restaurants and hawker stalls in Penang.

6am – 7am: Special Famous Roti Canai
56 Jalan Transfer
Open daily, 6.30am-1pm, 3.30pm-7pm

Soak in the slow pace of life in Penang with breakfast at this road side stall, which is famous for its crispy roti canai. There are several varieties of curries to complement the roti canai – mutton, beef, chicken, fish and dhall. The place is usually packed with customers waiting for a table.

Roti Canai by CK Lam for TimeOut Penang 2012

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 13th August 2011.

When looking for food to break fast, the pasar malam bazaars can be a change from the traditional food bazaar. The one at Pantai Jerjak, Penang, opens every Wednesday from early afternoon. There is a good crowd of all races.

Delicious local fare at the pasar malam bazaar at Pantai Jerjak, Penang by

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Northern Streets) on 8th July 2011.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to a wonderful place for mee udang. The makan outing had brought us to the mainland. Located in Bukit Mertajam at Seberang Perai, this place is known as Selera Sri Tambang.

Mee Udang at Selera Sri Tambang, Bukit Mertajam Penang
The scrumptious Mee Udang from Selera Sri Tambang!

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Northern Streets) on 3rd May 2011.

One will find numerous hawker stalls serving a wide array of local delights at Gurney Drive Hawker Center in Penang. Nasi lemak lovers should try the all-time favourite at Nasi Lemak Cili Bilis. The stall specialises in nasi lemak kukus (steamed rice in coconut milk). (The owner, Hashim Haji Ismail who is the champion in the Battle of Penang Hawker Masters 2012’s nasi lemak category has switched to using palm milk  instead of coconut milk).

The rice, cooked with ginger, coconut milk and pandan leaves that give it an amazing aroma, is steamed on the spot on large metal trays in a giant steamer.

Palate-pleasing ‘nasi lemak’ at Nasi Lemak Cilibilis, Gurney Drive by

Rice and egg steamed in the premises itself

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Northern Streets) on 14th April 2011.

Nasi Campur Melayu is a relatively new addition to the nasi Melayu stalls in George Town. This stall was set up a few months ago in Pinang Delicious Food Court on Macalister Road by siblings Roslina and Rosniza binti Mansor.

Originally from a coffee shop in Island Glades, the sisters have since moved their business down town. The dishes taste different from those around Georgetown as the dishes have a greater Perlis influence, said the owners.

Nasi Campur Melayu at Pinang Delicious Food Court by

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 18th February 2011.

Teluk Tempoyak is a quaint fishing village, at the southeastern tip of the Penang. Positioned slightly south of Batu Maung, this Malay village has remained a secluded and unpolluted. It has a stretch of beach that seems to run endlessly. The makeshift and uneven wooden jetties that extend from the shore into the sea, adding charm to this village.

Many Penangites are heading to Kampung Teluk Tempoyak in search of fresh and cheap seafood. Quality and freshness of the seafood here is at the upmost as they serve the catch that comes in every evening. One of the biggest attractions is grilled fish, or more affectionately known as ikan bakar.

Ikan Bakar & Nasi Lemak at Kampung Teluk Tempoyak, Penang by

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*This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 21st August 2010.

Tanjung  Tokong Malay Village, which was once a sleepy “kampung” in the 60s and 70s, has grown into a suburb with rows of flats, overshadowing what is left of the kampung houses. Gone are the seafronts directly opposite the village where the natural sand split and mangrove trees grew. The village now faces vast reclaimed land and its sea view is blocked by modern concrete houses and high rise towers.

Despite the modernisation, the residents have maintained the uniqueness of Malaysian culture — the evening food bazaar, or commonly known as “pasar malam”. The Tanjung Tokong night market operates every Saturday evening and is one of the designated Ramadan food bazaars.

Hussain’s satay stall located right at the junction_resize

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